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G and C Designs are an Architectural Design company with more than 30 years experience in the design and

construction industry and we specialise in producing innovative building designs to suit our Clients' needs.

We can produce all the plans and drawings, building control specifications and structural calculations you

need to get an accurate price from your Builder and start building - and we can take care of all

the Planning Applications and Building Control approvals as your agent.

Our initial quote will be for the work to produce the drawings and plans for the overall design including submitting

planning and building control applications but if you want we can add a more detailed specifications with a full

finishing schedule and interior design and even manage tenders for pricing with contractors and sub-contractors.

How much we do is up to you.

If you are planning alterations or a change of use of your property or would even like a complete

new build, contact us now for free advice or a free, no obligation, itemised quotation.

Whatever the size of your project we can help.

Following your initial enquiry we will arrange for a free on-site consultation to assess the scope of your works

and then send you an itemised quotation.  If you are happy with our prices and would like to proceed we

will arrange to survey your property and produce a design that best suits your requirements.

  You will have the opportunity to make amendments and tweak the design and once you are happy we will

also do all the leg work and submit all necessary planning and building control applications for you

and act as your agent throughout the applications.

Forever mindful of construction costs, our designs incorporate a blend of traditional and

modern construction methods and integrate both with current technology.


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